Scope of Services


The Jesslin Group prepares a computer-generated master critical path. This comprehensive schedule incorporates relevant aspects of the project including:

• The sequence and timing of the project’s basic program decisions,
• Drawings,
• Tender calls
• Bid evaluations,
• Contract awards
• On-site construction activities.

The construction schedule is reviewed regularly throughout the course of the project to identify any long lead-times and potential delays (for which we offer solutions or suitable alternatives), the need to coordinate trades engaged in the project, and incorporate deliveries of furniture, materials, etc.

We Prepare Detailed Budgets For Each Sequence Of Construction…

Budget Preparation and Site Inspection

Once the project’s drawings are developed, we prepare detailed budgets for each sequence of construction so that a realistic estimate of the cost of work can be established before construction commences. As the drawings progress, the budget is updated to reflect the project’s actual costs. The site is also thoroughly inspected so that all project participants have a full understanding of its condition and the potential impacts of the renovations.

Pre-Qualified Contractors and Tenders

We ensure that all the sub-contractors requested to tender are reliable and capable of providing quality material and workmanship for the duration of the project. We also oversee the tendering of the individual sub-trade package to multiple subcontractors, to keep pricing competitive. We closely review and assess each tender submission and make recommendations to the project manager and site owner prior to awarding any contract. The Jesslin Group can also advise on the priority of drawings to allow the project to properly progress.

Contract Documents

Contract documents are prepared as soon as the project is awarded, and The Jesslin Group ensures that all applicable legal requirements are met. Bonds are provided where required and all insurance policies and Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) clearance certificates are inspected and provided to the owner.

Change Orders/Contemplated Change Orders & Tracking Of Costs

All change orders and contemplated change orders (those issued by the designer and/or engineer) will be received by The Jesslin Group and forwarded to the appropriate sub-trade for review and pricing. Their pricing is reviewed for accuracy and cost before the orders are provided to the client for approval. A cost summary is then created and maintained throughout the project, to ensure that approvals are received in a timely fashion (and thereby avoid any negative impact on the construction schedule), and so that we can update the client with construction costs on a regular basis.

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