Scope of Services

The Jesslin Group’s comprehensive planning package can be customized to the client’s requirements and may include the following services:


The Jesslin Group’s programming comprises real estate evaluations and space planning. We also review the building’s base drawings to ensure they meet agreed-upon criteria and parameters. The project manager sets out the project’s costs and review procedures, and engages needed sub-consultants (such as mechanical, electrical and structural engineers).

Space Planning and Design Development

The space planning process begins with a design development meetings. We then begin preparing the project’s master plans, including:

• Selecting construction components for walls, ceilings, floors, etc.;

• Reviewing preliminary and final budgets with the client and the project manager, to ensure that proposed specifications conform to budgeted costs;

• Attending to matters of building code for all interior design disciplines; and

• Preparing a visual presentation of all concepts for the client.

Contract Documents

Once the project’s design plan is in place and approved by the client, The Jesslin Group starts preparing the partition plans. These include demolition, partition, reflected ceiling specifications, furniture requirements, electrical services and communications. Detailed drawings of all sections and elevations are then produced, and construction specifications, including details and finishes, are prepared and distributed to the trades. The project coordinator identifies and coordinates the procurement of all necessary regulatory permits and approvals, including those of the landlord.

Construction Administration

The tender packages for construction service are prepared and printed, as per the established critical path. Bidder questions are promptly responded to and any necessary addenda issued. After the bid close, The Jesslin Group works with the client to analyze the bids received, narrow the contractor selection to three qualified firms and, finally, choose the successful bidder. Once the contractor is engaged on the project, The Jesslin Group will coordinate weekly site meetings with the client, the contractor and engaged sub-contractors, and record and issue minutes of those meetings.

Construction Oversight

Throughout the project, The Jesslin Group conducts regular site inspections, reviews site progress and reports discrepancies and/or areas of concern to the client. Contemplated change notices (CCNs) and change orders (COs) are prepared as per client instructions, and are subject to client approval.

The Jesslin Group acts as the prime consultant throughout the project. With the client’s approval this role will include:

• Interpreting drawings, specifications and contract documents for all interior design principles;

• Reviewing shop drawings, product data and samples for conformance with the general design concept;

• Preparing deficiency lists and expediting corrections (for all disciplines); and

• Providing the client with computer disk format of all floor plans (for all disciplines).

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