About Us

The Jesslin Group Understands That Great Relationships With Our Clients Are Paramount To The Success Of Every Project.

Company Profile

The Jesslin Group is a premium provider of construction management services. Since its inception in 1991, The Jesslin Group has built a reputation for delivering construction, planning and service expertise that brings exceptional value to our clients’ properties. Our success has been marked by steady growth. Over the last five years, we have proudly completed over 700,000 plus square feet per year of commercial space in Canada.

The Jesslin Group specializes in delivering office-space construction and renovation projects to commercial real-estate market.  We offer “concept to completion” construction and planning services combined with comprehensive maintenance. Our integrated team of professionals uses innovation, experience and good business acumen to offer a one-source solution for our clients. Our methods have delivered successful projects time and again. In fact, our extensive portfolio includes some of the most prominent landmarks in Toronto.


The Jesslin Group is owned and operated by Tony Peressini and Rob Labelle. With a combined 60 years’ experience in the construction industry, Tony and Rob provide a wealth of expertise to landlords on how to successfully navigate the building process.


The Jesslin Group believes in creating exceptional spaces for our clients — spaces that intrigue, impress and inspire — because our clients’ visions and needs are at the core of our business philosophy. By integrating construction, planning and service, we deliver on a promise that begins with an idea and results in a finished office space that serves our clients’ needs by promoting both professionalism and productivity.


The Jesslin Group understands that great relationships with our clients are paramount to the success of every project. We invest in our business relationships every day by building and maintaining trust — and our loyalty continues once a project is complete. Over the years, we have built lasting relationships with clients who know they can depend on us to deliver great results. Our relationship-building philosophy is shared by every team member at The Jesslin Group and extends to our trusted network of industry contractors, tradespeople and professionals.

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